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For your safety and for your landlord to comply with the current gas regulations, it’s important to get your gas appliances serviced at least once a year. This will also help your boiler run more efficiently, helping you save on your heating bills.

Why get your gas appliances serviced?

When your gas appliances aren’t performing correctly, they may produce dangerous levels of carbon monoxide. Though this can’t be seen, and you can’t smell it, it can cause headaches, drowsiness, nausea, breathlessness and even death. Because of this, it’s important to get your appliances serviced at least once a year. This will also help them run more efficiently and can prevent costly repairs in the future.

Why get your gas appliances serviced?

What is involved in a service?

The engineer will begin by doing a visual check of the surroundings to assess any risks within the property to keep you safe while they carry out the service. They will need clear access to your gas meter, gas appliances and your flue. If you have a back boiler or gas fire, then we would ask if possible that it is switched off before your engineer is due to arrive.

They will carry out various checks to ensure your appliances are performing correctly and are safe to use. They will be checking the integrity/performance of any flues within your home and your gas meter for soundness. This may require removal of some appliances and access to other parts of your home including loft space to ensure the checks can be carried out correctly.

On completion of the service, the engineer will produce a landlords gas safety record for your home and you will receive a copy of this certificate within 30 days via post or e-mail.

Your appointment

We schedule appointments with your needs in mind, when your annual safety check is due you will receive your appointment by post. However, you can change your appointment through your preferred communication method.

On the day of your appointment your operative will call you to confirm they are on-route and you will also receive a text confirmation providing a link to allow you to track their location and expected arrival time.

We use our systems to ensure appointment timeslots are kept and we are made aware of any issues affecting your appointment in real time. This helps us to keep you informed of any changes or delays at all stages.

Your operative will be aware of any special requirements or access instructions that you have provided.

Importance of keeping your appointment

Importance of keeping your appointment

It is important you are available for the visit of our engineer. If you can’t make your appointment, please ring the number on your letter to rearrange the visit or you can utilise our webchat service.

The sooner you can let us know you can’t make the original planned visit, the greater the chance we will have to schedule a new appointment which meets your needs.

After your repair

You will be contacted by phone or text to provide customer satisfaction feedback via an automated survey. This should take no longer than two minutes of your time, but your feedback is invaluable when it comes to driving improvements in our services.

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