Smell gas? Please call the Gas Emergency Services helpline immediately:

0800 111 999

Are you having trouble getting your heating to work or have no hot water? Try these solutions now.

If you have no heating or hot water

Check gas and electrical meters

  • Your boiler may have stopped working due to you running out of credit on your gas or electric meter, if so, apply credit on the meter. You may have to reset the boiler once the credit is applied.
  • If the meter has “call for help” on the display you need to contact your gas supplier to carry out a repair as it’s a fault on your meter and not a problem with the heating system.

Check the system controls and thermostat

  • Ensure your heating or hot water controls are switched on and that any thermostats are turned up high. We recommend turning it up to full to check it is working. If your heating comes on, then it is just a case of adjusting the thermostat to your desired temperature.
  • Is there no display on a digital thermostat this may indicate that the batteries need changing you may be able to do this yourself by referring to the instructions.

Check the boiler

  • Has there been a drop-in water pressure? Check the pressure gauge on the boiler. The pressure should normally be between 1 and 1.5 bar. If the pressure has dropped below 1 bar, then you may need to call for an engineer to visit. – See How to increase boiler pressure and check your pressure gauge.
  • Check you have not accidentally turned off any switches that may be connected to the boiler or heating system
  • If the boiler is not working you may need to reset it to try to get it work again, before you reset it if possible, take a picture with your smartphone or camera as this may help the engineer to repair the appliance when he calls to carry out the repair.
  • Check the condensate pipes on a condenser boiler, as they could be frozen. If they are frozen, thaw them with some hot (not boiling) water or a hot water bottle.

If you have hot water but the radiators are not heating up to the temperature you want

  • Have you set your programmer to the ‘hot water only’ setting? Switch the programmer to ‘hot water and heating’ and wait for the radiators to heat up.
  • Have you turned the thermostatic radiator valves down to a low or off position? Turn them up to the temperature you want and wait for the radiators to heat up.

If you have heating but the house doesn’t seem to stay warm enough

  • Is your room thermostat set to a high enough temperature? Try turning the room thermostat up until the house is at the temperature you want.
    Most households set the thermostat to between 19 and 21°C.
  • Ensure the heating thermostat on the boiler is turned up, in extreme periods of cold weather this may need to be on its maximum setting to get your property to your desired temperature.
  • Check if bleeding radiators should be suggested in this situation?

Contact an engineer

If you have checked all of the above and the boiler is still not working, you may need an engineer to visit. Depending on your landlord you will either contact them directly and they will ensure the job is sent straight through to us or you will be able to contact us directly via a freephone number and our fully trained customer service representatives will be able to help you with any issues you have.


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