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Heating system and appliance installations

All installations of heating systems and or appliances are subject to the approval of your social housing landlord. This may happen as part of a replacement programme or on the basis that a fault with an appliance or system cannot be repaired.
Before we can do this, we will need to carry out a survey in your home to plan the installation, answer any questions that you have and discuss any special requirements. This will usually be completed by a surveyor who will call at your home on an agreed date.

They will explain where the work will be carried out in your home, any disruption that you may face, and what you need to do to prepare. They will assess any potential risks to yourself or the engineer and agree a provisional installation date. Following the survey, we will contact you to confirm the start date for the installation. We can do this by letter, e-mail or phone call whichever suits you best.
We don’t use technical jargon. We don’t expect you to know the details of the systems, so we will discuss any problems in a way that can be easily understood so that we can fix problems quickly and correctly.
We will keep you up to date and communicate with you every step of the way.

On the day of installation

On the day of your installation, our operative will contact you when they are on their way. They will go through the survey and make sure that you’re happy with the work before they start. They will carry out the works with minimum disruption to you or your home.
For your safety and the engineer’s safety they will need your support in ensuring any risks are mitigated. This will include signage and or barriers to protect you, your family or any pets from entering the work area.
Your carpets and furniture will be protected and there will be no mess left when we’re finished.
You will be provided with all the necessary documents to meet any legislatory requirements and we will make sure that you fully understand how to use the system.

After the installation

Once your new heating system/appliance is in place a manager or surveyor may return to your home to check the installation. This is to make sure that the system is working and that you are happy with the installation. It is another opportunity to ask any questions you have.
You will also be contacted by phone or text to provide customer satisfaction feedback via an automated survey. This should take no longer than two minutes of your time but your feedback is invaluable when it comes to driving improvements in our services.

After installation

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