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Our commitment is to provide residents with a safe, efficient and professional service delivery, and to work hard at grassroots level to stimulate employment opportunities and growth in communities. We are determined to make a difference and give back to the community through contributions to social enterprise and undertakings that can change neighbourhoods.

Skills training, awareness and work experience

We bring new opportunities to people facing barriers to work because they lack the previous skills or experience. PH Jones is also experienced in developing bespoke work placement programmes and support programmes which allow long term unemployed people to gain practical work experience and accumulate NVQ credits.

Throughout our contracts we create and support multiple work experience placements, both short and long term, helping young people within the local communities find a way into employment.

We can also support individuals gaining technical engineering and administrative NVQ qualifications – negotiating timed release for attendance at college and supporting individuals.

Through mentors and planning of practical work experience and on the job training to ensure that individuals gain the right level of exposure and experience needed to demonstrate they can put in place the skills they have learned.

News Papermates Project BrightonWe offer careers advice and CV checking services for residents looking for employment, sharing our expertise and providing guidance where possible.

We also work closely with national and local agencies to find new ways to deliver new skills to people not in employment, and build on their existing skills to help them access new roles.

Supporting local employment and recruitment

Across our business we work hard to create positive economic and social outcomes through the employment and training opportunities we create, helping to deliver change and tackle unemployment. We target local recruitment and monitor its outcomes to ensure that we are promoting the right opportunities in the local area and are reaching out to the right candidates. We have a recruitment team tasked to develop bespoke employment approaches, targeting the involvement of long term unemployed people which meet the needs of the contracts we are delivering.

We use our links with local schools, colleges, social enterprises and subcontractors to raise the profile of the vacancies we offer – particularly targeting long term unemployed people and those who are not in education, training or employment. Our apprenticeship programmes offer the opportunity for local people to gain qualifications and on the job training resulting in career opportunities with PH Jones.

We are experienced in holding recruitment events and training to local people to help them think differently about applying for positions and recognising that the opportunity may be suitable for them.

Utilising local suppliers and sub-contractors

We directly employ a significant number of our workforce. However for specialist services we utilise local sub-contractors and hold ‘supplier days’ and events to explain our requirements and the opportunities to work with us.

Accreditations & Affiliates