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Effective and continually improving environmental performance

We gained ISO 14001 certificate for Environmental Management at the end of 2012 and operate an Environmental Management System that is BS 8555 accredited. This governs environmental issues on our contracts, ensures we comply with regulations and supports our customers in achieving their wider environmental objectives.

The system focuses on:

  • Waste management and recycling
  • Carbon emissions management and sustainability
  • Other environmental risk mitigation

A dedicated team of qualified professionals monitor and manage compliance against our procedures, review and report on our environmental performance and ensure that we adopt best practice, training and awareness.

Energy savings advice

Through engaging with residents and educating them on better energy management we can make a lasting impact on the carbon footprint of our clients’ property stock and save residents money. The annual safety check visit provides an excellent opportunity to offer residents advice on appliance controls in order to reduce carbon emissions.We offer a range of training, engagement and support initiatives to promote energy saving when communicating with residents – central to this is ensuring that residents are comfortable with the heating systems we service or install.

Our carbon reduction programme

Our carbon reduction programme

To reduce the impact of our energy and fuel consumption we are taking the following actions:

  • Educating residents in reducing their energy use.
  • Reducing mileage through scheduling appointments more efficiently.
  • Introduced carbon efficient and hybrid vehicles to our fleet.
  • Reduced vehicle fuel consumption and redesigned vehicle racking through using roof racks and speed limiters set to 62mph.

Reducing emissions from our vehicle use

As a business, reducing our vehicle emissions and fuel consumption is one of the biggest ways to minimise our environmental impact. We have implemented:

  • A high efficiency van replacement programme – ensuring engineers drive low carbon vehicles that emit less than 100g/km of carbon dioxide.
  • Fuel efficient driver training
  • Top speed limitation (70 mph)
  • Introduction of hybrid (electric / fuel) vehicles with outstanding emissions performance (99g / CO2 / km)
  • Electric vehicle trials in our fleet and offices
  • Using our Pilot© work management system to dispatch jobs to field resources closer to the job location (via GPS Tracking Signal)
Reducing emissions

Minimising waste

Minimising waste

We have business wide targets for waste reduction and recycling and we also produce site waste management plans and report our performance on waste management at contract level. Our on-site waste collector produces monthly reporting on waste received and recycling rates.

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