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We are committed to supporting the communities we serve.

We help local people deliver improvement schemes offering environmental, economic and community benefits. Our community based activities range from improving community centres, area clean ups, volunteering to career guidance and mentoring. We seek to work in partnership to impact on social issues and support through community engagement and participation.

We work with our customers and their residents to understand the communities that we work in so that we can make the biggest impact, with benefits that are relevant and meaningful. We support projects that increase wellbeing in the community.

Our engineers are incentivised and encouraged to go out of their way to provide additional support, identifying welfare or safeguarding issues and working closely with our clients via community volunteering and engagement initiatives to deliver added benefits in the communities we serve.

supporting the communities

Residents’ happiness, safety and wellbeing are top priorities for our employees and it is our responsibility to deliver a service which not only delivers works to the contract specification, but which minimises customer inconvenience and enriches their day to day lives.

Training and development of our employees

Investing in our people

For our own employees, we are committed to training them to industry-leading standards, supporting them professionally and emotionally in order to be the best possible ambassadors for PH Jones and our customers.

We aim to be an employer of choice and we invest in our employees to meet their future training and development needs and the future needs of the business. Such as our national net zero carbon upskill program, where we are training our engineers and surveyors to install and maintain heat pumps and other renewable technologies.

We respect our people, support equality and diversity and provide opportunities for our employees so that they are representative of the communities that we serve. We ensure a positive work life balance and provide occupational health, lifestyle and wellbeing support for all.

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