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Here at PH Jones we believe by engaging with students at a young age, to inspire them into looking at engineering and other STEM careers.

The Covid-19 pandemic meant limited visitors to site to ensure the safety of residents and staff. But we have now been able to welcome back our first work experience students onto our contracts! Our first placement was held in June with a student from Woolton High School. The student was first introduced to us through an “encounter day” where staff spoke to students about their work lives and career journey. This ongoing partnership with Woolton High School is part of our social value commitments to Onward Homes, with all activities arranged through ‘Match My Project’.

The student commented: “My experience with PH Jones has been a very interesting time, and I want to say that I have learnt a lot that I did not know about gas and electricity, how to fix boilers, leaks, and complete safety checks.

I am thinking of studying engineering in the future as this experience has made me really interested. I want to thank Jamie Ramnaught for giving me ideas and thoughts about working and what it is like in this industry. I will miss the work experience now, but I am going to try business admin and plumbing in college. PH Jones have helped guide me to this decision. For this I am grateful. A huge, huge thanks again to all the engineers who showed me the work they do. I hope to see PH Jones in the future.”

In July, Jamie Ramnaught (Onward Homes’ Contract Manager) and Matthew Moore (Our Tenant Liaison Officer) also support the same students with mock interview experience, carrying out 5 hours of interviews each. This gave the students a real-life experience of interview techniques and what to expect when they leave school.

Matthew Moore – Tenant Liaison Officer commented “It was an absolute pleasure to attend Woolton High School to conduct mock interviews with the pupils. They took a great interest when given an insight into the work we do at PH Jones and asked plenty of questions. Helping the students to realise their potential, highlight their skills, and boost their confidence was a great experience for the students and rewarding for me also.”

We can’t wait to see what the students do next and look forward to inviting more students onto our contracts in the near future! If you would like to know how we can support your communities through social value please email!