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Our H&S team recently worked with our local operational team in Leeds to identify a social value activity which they could use to deliver social value. By working collaboratively, it was agreed that our team would help Climate Action Seacroft upgrade the Seacroft Forest Garden. The volunteering day promoted team building and provided social value for Leeds City Council. They spent the morning clearing the overgrown areas, weeding, laying mulch and planting; revitalising the whole area.

Vinny Thomas, our contract manager said: “ It was really great to meet Linda and the residents, who should be given every credit as assets to the local community. It was great to get together as a team, which due to the nature of our roles doesn’t usually allow, whilst also having fun in the sunshine and not behind the laptop.  Was lovely to step forward to help contribute towards a worthwhile effort, the transformation of an area of nothingness to a haven of tranquillity. The local residents need to be applauded in their arduous efforts, we enjoyed so much and further support from our team has already been arranged as there is much more to do”

By working with the client to identify this project, we are able to ensure social value commitments were met and create a more meaningful impact to the Leeds community.  Linda Otley (Climate Action Seacroft) said:  “Many thanks to  the volunteers from British Gas for their brilliant work today at Seacroft Forest Garden. We really appreciated all their hard work”.

 After a successful day, the team have been invited back to provide more volunteering in October, with hopefully the full team, for the full day! If you would like to know how we can support your communities through social value please email!