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Through our social value programme, we completed a project with West Specialist Inclusive Learning Centre (Leeds). The school is for young adults with severe learning disabilities, with an amazing mock shop, library and house to teach students about independent living.

The school contacted our Corporate Social Responsibility Manager, Amy Holbrook, to see if we could help install a demo boiler and controls in the kitchen area of their mock house.  This would help students get used to heating controls when living independently.

Our local contract team, who work with Leeds City Council, fitted the boiler, radiator and controls within 1 day, we provided the materials to the school with no cost, to deliver additional value. The team also recorded a demonstration video on how to use all the products fitted for future use by the students. The school and students have both been very impressed with the work done and the support it will give is invaluable.

This project is a true reflection of social value in practice and maximising the impact we have on local communities! Thank you to all those who took part.