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As we usher in the (slightly) warmer months, PH Jones takes a moment to reflect on the tireless efforts dedicated to nurturing and guiding the workforce of tomorrow. The commitment to education and support has been unwavering, and the results speak volumes. So far in 2024, we have actively engaged with nearly 3000 students through various social value initiatives, supporting several social housing clients, including:

Brighton Council: Jim Cottom participated in a virtual meeting with MET College, shedding light on STEM/Retrofit career avenues for students. It was emphasised that retrofitting entails more than just heating engineering, creating a greener fairer future.

Ipswich Council: Elise Winter played a pivotal role in a virtual assembly for 1000 students during National Careers Week and International Women’s Day for Ipswich Academy. Her insights and experiences opened doors to various career options, inspiring students on their journey. Additionally, Craig Henderson and Graham Young represented PH Jones at a career fair held at Northgate High School, extending support and guidance to aspiring individuals.

Dudley Council: We continued our support for Dudley Academies Trust by engaging in a Business Breakfast. The event, facilitated by two volunteers, provided students with valuable insights into the business landscape and career opportunities available, linking their school experiences to jobs after school. 

Cheltenham Council: For Bourneside School, Shaun Parsons and Stuart King attended a mock interview day helping 250 year 11 students with their interview skills. This initiative aimed to enhance students’ employability prospects by offering constructive feedback and building their confidence

As PH Jones embarks on the journey ahead, our dedication to social value reaffirms our commitment to empowering the workforce of tomorrow. If you would like to find out more about our social value delivery, please contact!