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We are pleased to announce yet another PH Jones apprentice becomes a fully fledged engineer. Connor McGrail gives his thoughts on why he chose to be a heating engineer and talk about his journey to get there.

“I chose an apprenticeship in the gas industry because I knew that it was a great trade to have and I would hopefully have a job for life. The apprenticeship was just over 4 years long, that included a level 2 in plumbing and heating, a level 3 in plumbing and heating then eventually lead onto a gas qualification. The split between college and work was perfect, working towards your qualifications in college for one day a week then learning on the job 4 days a week. The college itself was ok and the teachers were brilliant, second to none. All the people I’ve worked with whilst serving my apprenticeship were great, very supportive and influential in making me the engineer I’ve become. I passed my acs this year and my line manager spoke to me about a permanent repair engineer role that was available. I was over the moon and it was the perfect job for me. The transition from an apprentice to becoming an engineer was very smooth because of the experience I’d already has. If there was anything I wasn’t used to doing my co workers were always on hand to give me that support you sometimes need. I’m excited to see what the future holds, I’m happy with my role at PH Jones I want to grow as an engineer to be the best I can be” – Connor McGrail, Engineer for Onward Homes