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In July carried out 120 mock interviews for Year 10 students at Childwall Sports & Science Academy in Liverpool through the Match My Project site, to support our social value commitments for Onward Homes.

Our 7 members of staff, all with recruitment experience, along with 20 other business people from across Merseyside came together to support the students who will be leaving school next year, ensuring young people in the community are gaining real life experience of interviews. Each interview was 20 minutes long, with a 10 minutes of feedback session.

Lucy Mayor (Customer Service Manager): It was a fantastic day that was organised and delivered brilliantly, all the school staff and children did amazing and made us feel welcomed . It was lovely to meet so many ambitious young people and hearing there aspirations and dreams for the future . It was something that I would love to be a part of in the future. It was lovely to be a part of something to try help and support someone for there future 

The interview structure was based on the Gatsby Benchmark standards of providing a stable career programme; Learning about labour market information, encouraging employer engagement, providing experiences of the work place, and providing feedback.

Anja Koermer (Careers Manager – Childwall SSA): Volunteers from PH Jones have made a real difference to the employability skills of our young people. Every volunteer was supportive, encouraging, empathetic and allowed our students to take their first steps into adulthood by completing their first job interview. Volunteers shared their experiences, explained their job roles and routes into the different careers whilst always adapting to the needs of the young person with them. We cannot express our gratitude to the Responsible Business Manager and everyone who volunteered to support us. We are looking forward to inviting you again to take part in our careers activities across Childwall Sports and Science Academy. Thanks

If you would like to find out how our social value programmes can support your residents with career support, please email