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Five social housing managers from across the region recently worked with Grand Union Housing Group to carry out gardening work in Flitwick, Bedfordshire. The team were able to deliver some real community benefit, whilst using the opportunity as a team building exercise.

The activity was organised by our client, who wanted to tidy the gardens at  Ellenshaw Court, readying them for winter and in preparation for next year. The gardens are enjoyed by a range of residents across  31 flats and are an important part of their community.  Our team worked really hard, lifting/laying turf and planting bulbs for a whole day, ensuring the space is safe and pleasant to look at for residents over winter.

Emma Dangless who is the Wellbeing Co-Ordinator at Grand Union Housing commented: “There were two great successes that came out of the day. The first was the everyone got on well and worked as a team, with plenty of fun and laughter. As a result we achieved all that I hoped for, which leaves us in an exciting position to develop the garden in 2023”

Danny Tracey (PH Jones Contract Manager) who helped organise the day said: “It was really rewarding to know we helped shape a safe and enjoyable space for residents of Ellenshaw Court. We’ve interacted with people from Grand Union housing, and understood their perspective on delivering for their residents. We can’t wait to see what the space looks like when spring comes around! Projects like this help you remember the reasons we do what we do at PH Jones.”

 This is a great example of how we can deliver real social value whilst carrying out team building with our colleagues! If you would like to find out more about how we can help you, please email