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Simon Ruddick <br /> Head of Performance

Position: Head of performance

Simon has worked for Centrica for over 20 years, starting as an apprentice then qualifying as a Technical Gas Engineer. He then led engineering teams in British Gas, merging into various senior leadership positions in the Performance and Enablement Teams. He moved to PH Jones in September 2023 as a Senior Commercial Manager, then moving on to the role of Head of Performance.

Throughout his career, he has always held a passion for collaborating with people, whether it is colleagues or customers. He enjoys interacting with people, understanding their individual needs to achieve the best possible outcomes, gaining insight into their expectations while also examining what our teams can do to meet them.

His role is to drive the Operational Performance of our teams across the PH Jones business to meet our customer requirements. He aims to drive a high-performance culture, which supports the needs of our customers to create strong lasting relationships.