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Here at PH Jones we are excited to see and hear what the leaders at COP26 are committing to in order to reduce the impact of climate change. We are already making great strives to reduce our carbon emissions, signing up to the EV100 initiative. To celebrate COP26 and the first delivery of electric vehicles for our social housing clients, we spoke to Mitul Iadwa, a service and repair engineer for Midland Heart who has been using his electric van for 3 months. Mitul commented:

“Since receiving the van 3 months ago I have completed about 5000 miles. When I was driving a diesel van I was spending £150-£200 a month on fuel. I now spend £40-£80 (£10 per charge). In summer I was doing a complete charge on a Sunday and that would get me through the week, now winter is here I am topping up mid week as I am using my heaters/lights more. On average I get about 150 miles per charge.

PH Jones installed my home charging point free of charge. To ensure all charging costs are covered I use the Centrica Charging App which logs each time the van is charged and reimburses me any costs. Charging and payments has been a flawless experience, and much easier than going to the petrol station.

For me, the biggest selling point is that it drives like an automatic, this means a much less stressful drive, especially round the city. Which is greatly appreciated when your job can be stressful.”

Our parent company has recently placed the biggest order of fleet EVs in the UK. This will see an additional 3000 EVs on the roads. These will be phased into our social housing contracts by the rolling replacement of diesel vehicles and automatic distribution on new contracts.