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If you have no heating or hot water

Check the programmer

  • Are you in a programmed time for the heating or hot water to come on?
  • Check that no one has pressed the ‘advance’ button and switched the heating system off until the next programmed time.

Check the thermostat

  • Has the thermostat been turned down to a low setting or to the off position?
  • Has there been a power cut or is the electricity supply to the heating system switched off?

Check the boiler

  • Has there been a drop in water pressure? Check the pressure gauge on the boiler. The pressure should normally be between 1 and 1.5 bar. If the pressure has dropped below 1 bar then you may need to call for an engineer to visit.

Check your gas meter (if you have one)

  • If you have a pre-payment meter, check that your account is topped up with credit.

If you have hot water but the radiators are not heating up to the temperature you want

  • Have you set your programmer to the ‘hot water only’ setting? Switch the programmer to ‘hot water and heating’ and wait for the radiators to heat up.
  • Have you turned the thermostatic radiator valves down to a low or off position? Turn them up to the temperature you want and wait for the radiators to heat up.

If you have heating but the house doesn’t seem to stay warm enough

  • Is your room thermostat set to a high enough temperature? Try turning the room thermostat up until the house is at the temperature you want.
    Most households set the thermostat to between 19 and 21°C.

Contact an engineer

If you have checked all of the above and the boiler is still not working, you may need an engineer to visit. If you are one of our social housing residents please call the appropriate breakdown number on your boiler.

Please check out our videos with helpful tips for managing your central heating system

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